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The Document „CS-ADR-DSN ISSUE 3 - CHANGE INFORMATION“ describes the changes towards the versions „CS-ADR-DSN ISSUE 2“ including the change „Annex to Decision 2016/009/R“. Unfortunately the change information is incorrect in the following segments: 

  • CS ADR-DSN.L.535 Threshold marking
  • CS ADR-DSN.M.626 Simple approach lighting systems
  • CS ADR-DSN.M.730 Stop bars 
  • CS ADR-DSN.M.745 
  • CS ADR-DSN.Q.850 Lighting of other objects 
  • CS ADR-DSN.R.855 Closed runways and taxiways, or parts thereof 
  • GM1 ADR-DSN.B.035 Length of the runway and declared distances 
  • GM1 ADR-DSN.G.380 Location 
  • GM1 ADR-DSN.M.696 Simple Touchdown Zone Lights 
  • GM1 ADR-DSN.M.700 Rapid exit taxiway indicator lights 

The eControl change package for „CS-ADR-DSN ISSUE 3“ is oriented to the updated full document and not to the change information.

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New onepager „Violation Management“ available


From now on the onepager „Violation Management“ is available. This document addresses the following wide range of stakeholders involved in the violation management and how each of them benefits from a profound safety management: 

  • Violation department 
  • Safety management 
  • Regulatory responsible 
  • Works council 
  • Internal & external personnel 
  • Transport committee 
  • Qualifications department 
It also gives a peek on how eControl eases the violation proceedings due to a visualized progress status. You can download the whitepaper here.
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New onepager: "TQMS Training and Qualification Management"


Our new onepager „TQMS - Training and Qualifications Management“ gives a brief overview of the key features of our TQMS module. It is now available as a download in our documents section. For more detailed information about TQMS, please refer to our TQMS catalogue and the related white papers.


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New whitepaper: "Qualification Events"


The planning, execution and documentation of qualification events are the key elements for keeping employees and third party staff qualified and to ensure appropriate dispatching. Many stakeholder such as training departments, specialist departments and personnel departments are involved in this process.

To learn how these tasks are implemented with eControl, see our new whitepaper which is now available as a download in our documents section.

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New webcast series starting!


Arconda Systems starts a new webcast series this November. These webcasts will provide detailed information about our particular eControl applications. On November 21, 2016 the first webinar “Shift Reporting” will start off.

What is it about?

Shift Reporting documents incidents and events in a particular reporting period and provides comprehensive daily reports for shift handover or targeted summaries for reviewing at management level. The webcast’s objective is not only to give you the theoretical view of the cost-efficient usage by shift reporting, but also to show you the application in a practical way.

The webcast is hosted by Kevin Cyglicki (Marketing Assistant). Frank Espenhain (CEO) and Pascal Rohmann (CTO) will answer your individual questions at the end.

Registration to the webcast:

Please choose when you would like to participate in our webcast and send us your request. You will receive an invitation within the next days.

Registration November 21, 2016 11 am(CET)/ 05 am(EST)

Registration November 21, 2016 03 pm(CET)/ 09 am(EST)

Registration November 21, 2016 06 pm(CET)/ 12 pm(EST)

We look forward to seeing you participate in the webinar!

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