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Compliance management for any organisations and regulations

eControl compliance management can be used for any organisations and regulations. An airport’s compliance with any manner of regulations or, in the case of a supervisory authority, the compliance of organisations monitored by x, can be managed.

Various regulations such as EU Regulation 139/2014, ICAO Annex 14 or the IATA regulations have already been provided by the manufacturer, including tables and drawings and will be loaded into the system upon request. In principle, all regulations can be updated and edited or new regulations established.

eControl can therefore also be used to implement individual licensing procedures, requirements, etc. reliably.

Improving compliance

Improving compliance with new or edited regulations can be a complex and labour-intensive process depending on the starting situation. eControl provides an analytical view of the regulations and facilitates individual workflows, enabling departments to work together to the optimum extent.

eControl identifies the requirements of prioritised handling. eControl ensures that deadlines and cost targets are met.

Proving compliance

eControl records compliance information in data fields and by using file attachments.

Requirements can be broken down into sub-points so that proof can be managed in a structured way.

Global documents simplify the central administration of documentary evidence to which several requirements refer (e.g. Airport Manual).

Requirements, sub-points, data fields and file attachments can be prepared as compliance sheets to provide unequivocal evidence of compliance.

Exporting compliance

eControl prepares all selected information as a multi-page PDF compliance document and puts the selected file attachments, including a read-me file, into a ZIP archive. That ZIP archive contains all information relevant to the evidence.

eControl documents the export into the version history of requirements, at the same time, in addition to the file names, archiving the document archive version numbers.

Maintaining compliance

Implementing regular compliance audits is a procedure which will ensure compliance in the long term.

Audits which are consistent in terms of content can be carried out and linked together for all regulations.

Linking requirements and audit test points ensures that all information, documents, measures, etc. recorded can be re-used.

Conducting routine checks and documenting incidents and violations are additional components of a well-established compliance management system.

Report generators for project management and project monitoring

A standardised query generator allows regulations to be filtered by any criteria. Such queries may be defined, saved and reused at varying levels of complexity.

The queries are available for compliance management’s report generators to enable status reports, project progress reports, documentation on work packages, etc. to be retrieved.

A tool for all departments

An individual authorisation concept ensures that various divisions of a company can use the compliance management system independently of each other.

With eControl, information based on substantive criteria may be published for users and user groups.

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